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Leak detection and repair

At West Houston Plumbing and Heating, we provide a host of services, including:  pool patch repair, swimming pool leak detection, underground water leak detection, pool inspections, pressure testing, sonic leak detection, underground line locating, main drain cover replacement, and electronic leak trace inspections.   

You may have a hidden underground water leak that is costing you money. Call us, we can help. We can locate your water line and quickly find the leak without destroying your property. Don't waste thousands to replace the entire line. Call us and we can find the leak for you.  
Let West Houston Plumbing and Heating locate and repair your vinyl, concrete, steel or leak entirely underwater. This means a tremendous cost savings to you -- no need to drain your pool to find the leak, saving you hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars in water costs alone! It's just a better, cleaner, greener way to do it!