At West Houston Plumbing and Heating we pride ourselves on being a company that provides high quality workmanship at competitive prices. When you contact West Houston Plumbing and Heating, you will be served by quality assured engineers, who are vetted and trained to the latest industry standards.



Seen by many as an expensive luxury, today’s under floor heating systems are actually incredibly economical; Our expertise and experience can help you find the perfect system for your business or home before supply and complete installation to the highest quality standards; we can even lay a new floor covering while we’re doing it!

Working to the highest safety and quality standards we carry out projects of all sizes from fitting out entire blocks of new build flats to detailed and bespoke work with architects or simple installation of a small system to a single private living room.

Our skilled team brings the ability to carry out an absolutely complete job; from advising to supplying, installing, setting up the heat supply and even laying the final floor covering over the top; ideal for homeowners or main contractors alike looking to get the job done simply and effectively!